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1. Where is your shop located?

We only sell online. Our factory is situated in Sialkot and for we are only taking orders online.

2. Which leather do you use for your products?

All our products are crafted from 100% pure leather. We mainly use sheep, cow and goat leather in our products.

3. How do I know which size will fit me perfectly?

We have mentioned various sizes with relevant measurements in the size chart on our website. In case there are still any issues with the product’s size you can return it and get it exchanged within 10 days.

4. Do you ship outside Pakistan?

We do but delivery charges do apply then.

7. What is the payment method?

Cash on delivery. Please note you will not be allowed to open the product without paying first.

6. Within how many days will I receive my order?

It takes usually 3-4 working days and maximum a week.


8. What is the return/exchange policy?

We have a ten day return or exchange policy, subject to the condition of the product. You will get a full refund if you decide to return the product. In terms of exchange in case of issues related to size or quality, we can exchange your product within ten days but you will have to bear the delivery charges of returning the item.